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Bad Foods
Bad Foods

Bad foods are generally considered to be foods that offer little nutritional value and are commonly referred to as “empty calorie foods;” foods that offer little to no protein, vitamins, or minerals and have lots of sugar and fats.  They include:

Refined white flour products

  1. bread
  2. pastas
  3. cakes
  4. muffins
  5. pretzels

Refined sugar products commonly referred to as “dense” products

  1. cereals
  2. candies
  3. baked goods

Processed foods (sugar, fat and salt)

  1. canned or frozen foods
  2. real or fake buttered popcorn
  3. sugary and salty snacks

Margarine, butter, shortening and any hydrogenated oils

Smoked or cured meats

  1. bacon and sausages
  2. hot dogs
  3. lunch meats
  4. ham
  5. Spam

Fatty or burned over-cooked meats

Heavily or artificially sweetened beverages

  1. soft drinks
  2. flavored fruit drinks
  3. teas
  4. smoothies

Fried foods

  1. french fries, onion rings and veggies
  2. chips
  3. doughnuts
  4. meats

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